Mobile Library

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Mobile Library


a set of books from the collection of a permanent library, sent out for the temporary use of readers who are unable to utilize the library because of their work or location.

In the USSR mobile libraries are sent to enterprises, construction sites, and kolkhozes which do not have permanent libraries, as well as to field stations, agitpunkts, and so on. After the decree of the Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR “On Measures for the Strengthening of Raion and Village Libraries” (1946), there was an extensive development of a new kind of mobile library, the bookmobile. In 1968, of the total number of popular libraries under the jurisdiction of the ministries of culture and the trade union organizations, approximately 70,000 libraries had more than 300,000 mobile libraries.

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All ticket sales will be used to further the work of the Sindbad Children's Mobile Library as it takes reading to the heart of the interior to those children who don't always have an opportunity to enjoy books.
Because of great facilities and financial ability and governmental support in National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran (in contrast with other libraries), and having experts in computer, librarians and information science as a potential power to represent mobile library services, and National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran(NLAI) possible future role to determine Mobile Library Services Policy in Iran, and consequently representing software and hardware standards to other libraries far from inconsistencies in library software's, NLAI was chosen as first center to survey the feasibility of mobile library services implementation.
The key to the Mobile Library was handed over in a ceremony held at the Mobilink head office in Islamabad.
Coined "Little Libby," the new mobile library will be a smaller version of the existing Library Express, which is sponsored by the College of the Holy Cross, and will provide regular mobile library services to those elementary schools that were not selected for the initial One City, One Library pilot project.
Anyone who is a member of Knowsley's library service can use the mobile library and residents who have not joined yet can simply sign up on board.
The Mobile Library currently carries over 125,000 books donated by Sony Group around the world.
During regular days, the mobile library goes to different schools to provide children with a reading experience.
The Malaysian company launched its Mobile Library Project in 2004 in order to provide basic schools students in peripheral areas of Khartoum with books to promote their reading skills.
Mobile library services for today have been cancelled and the situation will be reassessed for the rest of the week.
Alwan, a mobile library on a bus offered by Karwa, is aimed at promoting reading culture among schoolchildren in Qatar.
After the mobile library was withdrawn from service earlier this year, councillors decided to offer the vehicle to a good cause and invited applications from local charities to take over the running of the vehicle.
CUT: The mobile library service was axed to save the council pounds 50,000

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