Mobile Library

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Mobile Library


a set of books from the collection of a permanent library, sent out for the temporary use of readers who are unable to utilize the library because of their work or location.

In the USSR mobile libraries are sent to enterprises, construction sites, and kolkhozes which do not have permanent libraries, as well as to field stations, agitpunkts, and so on. After the decree of the Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR “On Measures for the Strengthening of Raion and Village Libraries” (1946), there was an extensive development of a new kind of mobile library, the bookmobile. In 1968, of the total number of popular libraries under the jurisdiction of the ministries of culture and the trade union organizations, approximately 70,000 libraries had more than 300,000 mobile libraries.

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40,800 for Murrindindi Shires Mobile Library Rejuvenation project.
The mobile library is equipped with 1,500 Arabic-language books, games and activities appropriate for children aged between 6 and 12.
Regarding the mobile library, a report to Cabinet stated: "Almost all the respondents commenting on the mobile library proposals were opposed to its removal, feeling it provided a vital link for isolated people and communities.
Maktabati, an offshoot of the Let's Read Campaign, was rolled out in December 2013 as a mobile library service.
The petitions ask the council to consider saving cash by running the mobile library service jointly with a neighbouring authority rather than scrapping it.
Rhydypennau Library holds the stock for all mobile library provision.
Mobile Library offers access to about 70 million items.
The Mobile Library filled the gap by providing a designated vehicle to carry books and an unmatched way of taking education to students of JAQ Trust in the form of a library.
Funding for the additional mobile library was being sought by the library foundation as part of the One City, One Library initiative, which will expand public library services in four elementary schools this fall.
Anyone who is a member of Knowsley's library service can use the mobile library and residents who have not joined yet can simply sign up on board.
She noted that while steps have been undertaken to address the problem through the "Kariton Klasrum" (classroom in a cart) and the second district's mobile library, these were not enough.

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