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(1) (MSC.Software Corporation, Santa Ana, CA, Founded in 1963 by Richard H. MacNeal and Robert G. Schwendler, MSC is the world's largest provider of mechanical computer aided engineering (MCAE) strategies, simulation software and services. It is the largest single provider of finite element analysis (FEA) products and a leader in FEA pre- and post-processing. MSC products have played a key role in the design of almost every major automobile, aircraft and space vehicle developed in the 1990s. Formerly MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation, the company changed its name in 1999.

(2) (Mobile Switching Center) See 2G/3G architecture.

(3) (Message Sequence Chart) A diagramming technique used to describe the message interchange between entities in a system. The MSC language is the Z.120 Recommendation from the ITU. An MSC is similar to a UML Sequence Diagram. See UML.

Message Sequence Chart
This MSC shows the simple sequence of adding two values and summing the results. This chart was created in the Telelogic Tau SDL suite. (Diagram courtesy of Telelogic, AB,

Same Example in UML
This is the Sequence Diagram in UML, which is very similar to the MSC example. See UML for more diagrams. (Diagram courtesy of Telelogic, AB,
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Maroc Telecom ordered the mobile switching centres, which are already being installed, to increase the capacity of its GSM network and to ensure the migration of the network towards a third generation UMTS service.
In February Motorola completed a similar interoperability trial with Nortel's mobile switching centres.
This includes Nokia GSM mobile switching centres, home location registers, base station controllers and Nokia UltraSite base stations, as well as GPRS core network infrastructure.
In addition, Nokia will supply upgrades to the operator's GSM 900 mobile switching centres to support advanced services such as virtual private network (VPN).

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