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see MocheMoche
or Mochica
, ancient Native American civilization on the coast of N Peru. Previously called Early Chimu (see Chimu), the Moche were warriors with a highly developed social and political organization.
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an ancient civilization that existed on the northern coast of present-day Peru (valleys of the Chicama, Viru, Santa, and Nepeña rivers) from the beginning of the Common Era to the eighth century. Mochica was centered on the lower course of the Moche River (hence the name “Mochica”); two giant stepped structures, known as the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, dominate the site. The Mochica civilization is known for its highly artistic sculptured and painted pottery. The sculptured pottery had modeled representations of animals, deities, and human faces. The painted pottery was executed in red, white, and black and was primarily devoted to mythological subjects and war scenes. Metalworking was known; gold, silver, and copper were used primarily for making ornaments. The economy of the Mochica Indians was based on irrigation farming. The civilization attained the level of a class society in its development.


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We talked about how the Moche potters included items in the hands of the portrait pots that told of their status.
Students learn to appreciate the skill and the Craftsmanship of the Moche potters through the construction process.