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see MontezumaMontezuma
or Moctezuma
, 1480?–1520, Aztec emperor (c.1502–1520). He is sometimes called Montezuma II to distinguish him from Montezuma I (ruled 1440–69), who carried on conquests around Tenochtitlán.
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Like most treatments of the Aztecs--including London's previous exhibition about them, Aztecs, at the Royal Academy (James 2003)--Moctezuma emphasised their vivid cosmographic and religious symbolism; and, like nearly all others, Moctezuma failed to explain it fully.
Moctezuma - a rather neat man who shaved and bathed twice a day - came ninth in the Aztec list of elected kings and in his day consolidated a huge empire which stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.
Moctezuma, who's a professor at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), commented that at present, there are more than 40 Tlaltecuhtli representations, outstanding the zoomorphic, feminine one, with her mouth open, showing her fangs; the joints present a skull mask, she has claws, and her legs are open.
Asi, el culto al Sol es uno de los rasgos que identifican a los incas, un aspecto que se manifiesta claramente cuando el Inca rechaza dar la mano de su hija a Moctezuma debido a su supuesto nacimiento plebeyo e invoca a esta deidad al reprocharle su audacia: "Thou deserv'st to die.
At 43, Moctezuma began his military career decades ago as an enlisted medic.
George Moctezuma removes a sterile dressing from a patient after a surgical procedure at the Air Force Theatre Hospital, Balad Air Base, Iraq.
As far as is known, the only portrait of Moctezuma drawn directly from life is a deteriorated relief sculpture carved into a rocky outcropping discovered at Chapultepec in today's Mexico City.
Moctezuma added that America is not too strict in the way it defines indecency.
The Aztec emperor, Moctezuma II, made the fatal mistake of welcoming the white-skinned invaders as Gods.
MEXICO CITY -- Charges have been dropped against six priests and five bishops accused of violating the constitution by meddling in politics, said Mexican Deputy Interior Minister Javier Moctezuma.
Jorge Moctezuma has been named chief operating officer of mglass, succeeding Duarte Raposo de Malgahaes, who has taken a position in the Portuguese government.
Hundreds of years later, King Moctezuma II was having a tissy-fit about a ragged bunch of Spaniards making their way toward the Aztec capital from the coast.