model checking

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model checking

(theory, algorithm, testing)
To algorithmically check whether a program (the model) satisfies a specification.

The model is usually expressed as a directed graph consisting of nodes (or vertices) and edges. A set of atomic propositions is associated with each node. The nodes represents states of a program, the edges represent possible executions which alters the state, while the atomic propositions represent the basic properties that hold at a point of execution.

A specification language, usually some kind of temporal logic, is used to express properties.

The problem can be expressed mathematically as: given a temporal logic formula p and a model M with initial state s, decide if M,s \models p.

["Automatic verification of finite state concurrent systems using temporal logic", E.M. Clarke, E.A. Emerson, and A.P. Sisla, ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems 8(2), pp. 244--263, 1986].
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Owners are required to enter the model and serial number into Hotpoint's 'self-service' model checker to confirm if the model requires corrective action.
As a result, ArchiCAD joins major BIM applications (including model checker, structural and MEP engineering software) that support the BCF format.
Other topics include set-labeled diagrams for CSP compilation, a two-phase bidirectional heuristic search algorithm, tools for finding inconsistencies in logic-based systems, and a norm compliance temporal logic model checker.
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Among these are a rapid Model Checker, a Barrier Positioning tool and a Model Compare tool.
Clarke implemented the first Model Checker in 1982, the same year he joined CMU's faculty.
Some specific topics explored include verification of a dynamic channel model using the SPOIN model checker, static scoping and name resolution for mobile processes with polymorphic interfaces, prioritized choice over multiway synchronization, and experiments in multicore and distributed parallel processing using JCSP.
Model checker takes the model of "object of interest" and "checks" it against desired property expressed by means of logic formula.
The American, Canadian, and European contributors present a distributed explicit state model checker, an extension of the model checker PRISM for GPUs, a BSP algorithm for the state space construct of security protocols, and parallel computing algorithms for reverse engineering gene regulatory networks.

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