Moderne Style

Art Moderne

An architectural style found principally in houses constructed in the 1930s, following the earlier Art Deco style. Common characteristics may include smooth stuccoed wall surfaces; flat roofs; architectural details that emphasize the horizontal appearance of the building; rounded exterior corners; ribbon windows that may continue around a corner; glass blocks; an asymmetrical façade. The jagged version of this style is sometimes called Zigzag Moderne. Also see International style. Compare with Art Deco and Streamline Moderne.
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2| Fifty-seven individual clear and green pieces of mirrored glass are set in a hand-wrought frame finished in Renaissance gold for Cailloux by Christopher Guy, a piece inspired by Art Moderne style but decidedly contemporary (price on request).
The mill building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places dating to 1930 and will be restored to its original state with hardwood floors and ceilings, walls of windows and an Art Moderne style.
Located just east of the High Line and across from the Standard Hotel, the six-story office and retail building at 837 Washington Street will feature a four-story glass and steel addition built atop an existing two-story 1938 Moderne style warehouse.
It is also considered to be a rare and good example of a 1930s streamlined Moderne style cinema with well executed decorative detailing.
Art deco's interest in hand-crafted, limited edition pieces was a problem to modernist designers, and their criticisms brought about a change to the moderne style.
Aaron Ellis said he is looking for a tenant to lease 5,000 square feet in the art moderne style building, which was declared a city historic landmark in 1986.
The bright Marimekko orange and green on the panels' verso acknowledge Vejvi's own heritage and the Scandinavian design tradition while cracking a wry joke at the expense of other LA artists and their recent enthrallment with moderne style.
Many consider the versions from the late 1940s and early 1950s the apogee of moderne style.
They expanded up and out for space and views As it expanded, this 35-year-old house attained a cool, white, Bauhaus elegance combined with the horizontal sleekness of the streamline moderne style that Los Angeles helped make famous.
Wedding design and event coordinator Maria Brady of Choreographed Events has la femme moderne style in spades.
Designed in an Art Moderne style, One Brooklyn Bridge Park now consists of 450-luxury studio to duplex penthouse condominium residences with modern finishes and amenities.
Under the supervision of architects Wischmeyer, Arrasmith & Elswick, terminals across America were built to reflect Art Deco and Streamline Moderne style, adopted by Greyhound as its architectural signature.