Modibo Keita

Keita, Modibo


Born June 4, 1915, in Bamako. Statesman and political figure of the Republic of Mali. A teacher by profession.

Keita graduated in 1936 from the teachers’ training school in Dakar (Senegal). He took part in the national liberation struggle of the Mali people, as a result of which he was harassed and frequently arrested by the colonial authorities. In 1946 he was one of the founders of the Sudanese Union Party; from 1947 to 1968 he was general secretary of the party. In 1956 he was elected mayor of Bamako and a deputy to the French National Assembly. In 1957–58 he was state secretary of the French government for overseas affairs. After the formation in 1959 of the Federation of Mali he headed the government; after the collapse of the federation and the creation on Sept. 22, 1960, of the Republic of Mali, he became president and prime minister. He was removed from power in November 1968, as a result of a military coup.

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Prime Minister Modibo Keita has expressed concerns about the recent upsurge in armed group clashes.
beaucoup moins que] C'est un evenement historique qui constitue l'aboutissement de ce que nous aspirions, c'est-a-dire rassembler l'ensemble des parties maliennes a s'engager a appliquer l'accord de paix et de reconciliation au Mali, issu du processus d'Alger [beaucoup plus grand que], a indique a la presse Lamamra, a l'issue d'un entretien avec le Premier ministre malien, Modibo Keita.
Not too long after I had left Mali, the parachute regiment was part of the revolt that overthrew the Marxist dictator, Modibo Keita and installed a non-Marxist regime.
The government of new Prime Minister Modibo Keita was appointed by a presidential decree published overnight Saturday, after his predecessor as premier resigned under pressure on Thursday.
Bagayoko had helped depose Mali's first president, Modibo Keita, and install Lieutenant Moussa Traore and his Military Committee for National Liberation.
L'hopital, installe a proximite du stade Modibo Keita au coeur de la capitale malienne, a accueilli, depuis son ouverture des centaines de personnes venues beneficier des soins offerts dans differentes specialites dont la neuropsychiatrie, la cardiologie, la pneumologie, la dermatologie et la chirurgie plastique, la pediatrie, la gynecologie.
Et d'ajouter que malgre la modicite de leurs moyens face a la force de l'adversaire, [beaucoup moins que]cinq grands Africains decident de s'unir pour l'inflexible liberte des Africains: Kwame Nkrumah, Jamal Abd-el Nasser, Modibo Keita, Sekou Toure et Mohammed V[beaucoup plus grand que].
After decades of a bitter struggle, Mali achieved its independence in 1960 under the auspices of a socialist government led by President Modibo Keita.
Thousands of people had gathered at the Modibo Keita stadium in Bamako to listen to an Islamic preacher, who was speaking as part of the Muslim Festival of Maouloud, when the stampede started.
Keita's official photographs include portraits of Modibo Keita, the first president of Mali, with ministers and foreign dignitaries.
Le Premier ministre malien, Modibo Keita, a exprime, vendredi dernier, a Bamako, sa satisfaction de la signature, hier, par la CMA, de l'accord de paix et de reconciliation au Mali, saluant l'Algerie et le president de la Republique, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, pour leurs efforts consentis en faveur de l'application effective de l'accord, issu du processus d'Alger.
Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) visited Prime Minister Modibo Keita, conveying a message of congratulations and vigilance.