Mogen David

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Star of David, Mogen David

A six-pointed star composed of two equilateral triangles, one superimposed upside down on the other; a symbol of Judaism.
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Karen French, owner of Karen's Spirits & Wine in Fort Dodge, said buying wine in Fort Dodge used to mean picking up a cheap bottle of Thunderbird or Mogen David.
It promises long life; it tastes like woody, acrid Mogen David.
There are cultural variations, of cours: Demotic drawing has in its lexicon the conventional religious symbols--the Mogen David, the cross--and certain everyday objects like daggers and guns.
bars from Yugoslavia I'd have to get her out from under, or with the dwarves, I could see five dwarves, and a big red-nosed clown laughing, going at her, red-nosed clown with his back to the flimsy trailer wall at the foot of the bed drinking Mogen David with his make-up and big shoes still on, dwarves taking turns, sharp-teethed, snickering, pinching each other, giggling and slapping each other, me I need money or something before I try to take her away from the world she loves, the flesh in the sequined hole is the color of .
MD 20/20 is made by Mogen David Wine Corporation, a subsidiary of Wine Group Limited, which refuses to talk about its product.
Thunderbird, Wild Irish Rose and Mogen David receive a lot of display space due to consumer demand.
The Wine Group, LLC is a San Francisco based privately-held company that produces such well-known brands as Franzia, Concannon, Big House, Glen Ellen, Corbett Canyon, Foxhorn, Fish Eye and Mogen David.
2) The symbolic resonance of the motto--particularly the pink triangle, which is, historically speaking, the lesser-known poor relation of the yellow Mogen David that marked European Jews for incarceration and extermination--was especially significant to Kramer, who had been linking the cultural conditions which had allowed various extermination projects to flourish in 1930s Europe and those which were facilitating the spread of AIDS in the United States in the 1980s.