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see Indus valley civilizationIndus valley civilization,
ancient civilization that flourished from about 2500 B.C. to about 1500 B.C. in the valley of the Indus River and its tributaries, in the northwestern portion of the Indian subcontinent, i.e., present-day Pakistan.
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(translated from Sindhi as “the mound of the dead”), the ruins of one of the principal centers of the Harappa civilization. Discovered in 1922 by the Indian archaeologist R. Banerji, Mohenjo-Daro was subsequently excavated by J. Marshall, E. Mackay, and R. Wheeler. Its study has made it possible to identify the principal stages and characteristic features of the Harappa civilization.


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an excavated city in SE Pakistan, southwest of Sukkur near the River Indus: flourished during the third millennium bc
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The first initiative for the Trust will be to take the emergency preventive action so desperately needed at Mohenjo Daro, he said.
According to the group of scholars and archaeologists, the opening ceremony of the Sindh cultural festival is capable of damaging the ruins of Mohenjo Daro - the world's oldest surviving city dating back to the pre-Hindu Indus Valley civilization, the BBC reported.
The dismissal of city walls as defensive structures and the identification of the architecture on the 'citadel' mound at Mohenjo Daro as connected with ritual and public use rather than royal or defensive use are also arguably influenced by the acceptance of a warless society and elite.
Success of this campaign was followed by the rescue of Venice after the flood of 1966 and of Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan and Borobudur in Indonesia.
LAST OUTING: Jodhaa Akbar in 2008 BACK TOGETHER: Mohenjo Daro THE BUZZ: Hrithik's pairing up with Sonakshi Sinha for the first time has generated ample buzz about the film, which also stars debutant heroine Pooja Hegde.
The country was well known around the world for heritage sites such as Mohenjo Daro and Gandhara to name a few.
For his upcoming period epic Mohenjo Daro featuring Hrithik Roshan, the director has zeroed in on former beauty queen Pooja Hegde.
The spots selected by the authorities include Taxila, Attock Khurd, Khewra, Changa Manga, Multan, Bahawalpur, Badin, Thatta and Mohenjo Daro.
RAWALPINDI -- Dilapidated roads and streets have turned Harley street area and Tahli Mohri into ruins of Mohenjo Daro.
Moreover, work on Ratti-Naudero Road, Mohenjo Daro Dual Carriageway, Larkana-Qambar, Qambar-Shehdadpur, Benazir Abad, Sukkur and road from Sukkur to Shikarpur dual carriageway would be completed by December this year.
Hrithik, who was last seen in the 2013 superhit Krrish 3, recently signed Ashutosh Gowariker's period drama, Mohenjo Daro.
LARKANA -- Sindh Culture Minister Sassi Palijo on Tuesday said that the technical committee has set up for the preservation and development of Mohenjo Daro.