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(mō`hō) or

Mohorovičić discontinuity

(mō'hōrō`vəchĭch): see earthearth,
in geology and astronomy, 3rd planet of the solar system and the 5th largest, the only planet definitely known to support life. Gravitational forces have molded the earth, like all celestial bodies, into a spherical shape.
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(or Wuchi), the general name for a group of Tungus tribes that inhabited the territory of Manchuria and the Southern Primor’e from the fifth to the eighth centuries. A number of scholars maintain that the Moho assimilated and drove out the aboriginal Paleo-Asiatic inhabitants. In Chinese sources, the term “Moho” was used as a general name for the Sumo, Poty, Anch’eku, Funieh, Haoshi, Heishui, Paishan, and Yüehhsi tribes, whose clan systems were at different stages of disintegration. Plow cultivation, livestock breeding, hunting, fishing, pottery-making, metalworking, and weaving were well developed among the Moho.

The Moho were united in a tribal alliance. They often fought on the side of the Korean Koguryo kingdom in wars against China. At the turn of the eighth century the most developed tribe, the Sumo, founded the Chen kingdom, which became the Pohai kingdom in 712; almost all of the Moho tribes became members of this kingdom.


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Mohorovičić discontinuity
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SNORCLE images of offsets and imbrication of this reflectivity and the Moho (Fig.
The study provided the first strong evidence that the San Andreas fault goes straight through the crust 25-30 kilometers (about 15-18 miles) and cuts through the Moho without connecting with other faults.
En Moho, el relato se estructura en veintisiete capitulos breves, sin titulo.
The title's deliberate misspelling and typesetting - its equivalent would be "Pharce" or Farce, though the original also puns on moho (eager) - betrays wit and unorthodoxy.
While physicians might dream of curing cancer, geoscientists have longed to drill through the Moho - the boundary between the planer's thin crust and its interior mantle.
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