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, group of the Pueblo, formerly called Moki, or Moqui. They speak the Hopi language, which belongs to the Uto-Aztecan branch of the Aztec-Tanoan linguistic stock, at all their pueblos except Hano, where the language belongs to the Tanoan branch of the Aztec-Tanoan
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Visu pirma, paaiskejo sios gimnazijos teigiamas poziuris i kalbu mokyma (-si) ir daugiakalbyste, nes, anot administracijos darbuotoju, "kuo daugiau kalbu moki, tuo geriau zinai savo gimtaja kalba".
8220;The ability to integrate Moki technology with Outform's Pulse technology (“Moki Pulse”) provides a powerful solution to visual merchandisers seeking a quick ROI as they manage digital displays in a complex retail environment.
One month after the 'meet the press' event, these elites organized a 'South-West mega-forum' in Buea at which Charles Mbella Moki played a major role as mayor of the town and 'host'.
But it also used what may even be authentic Pashto tunes for the processional and offstage vocal music: numbers identified in the TS 'Ekko Moki Chini', 'Koge' and 'Shun Shun'.
On a more personal note, she also includes her mother, Moki, her late mother-in-law, and her three daughters.
Moki, una entusiasta ecoturista, describio su romance con un hombre local que vivia en el bosque y tenia gran conocimiento de su flora y fauna en relacion con este tipo de fusion.
La Sociedad Cooperativa nace de un grupo de productores que pertenecian a la organizacion Moki (La Pimienta, en lengua zoque), asociacion agricola fundada en 1970; la mayoria de los integrantes se salieron por malos manejos de los dirigentes que se prestaban a casos de corrupcion.
She said the creatures, who she named Mikki and Moki, made it to about three weeks old before they stopped eating and wasted away.
Moki, the dog who'd been part of her life for 16 years, had died the previous day.
Hugh Webster, Jack Van Evara, Winston Hibler Moki (Yesno), a Cree Indian, is made foreman of a sprawling cattle ranch owned by his former army commander.
gt;iBlast Moki The aim of iBlast Moki is to fire your character to the exit using bombs and other items.