ocean sunfish

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ocean sunfish:

see pufferpuffer
or pufferfish,
common name for some tropical marine fish of the family Tetraodontidae. The puffers and their allies, including the boxfish, the porcupinefish, the triggerfish, and the ocean sunfish or headfish, form an odd group (order Tetraodontiformes).
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Ocean Sunfish


(Mola mola) a fish of the order Plectognathi. In the adult stage, the deep, strongly compressed body has no apparent tail section. The dorsal and anal fins are very tall. The body measures up to 2.5 m long and weighs over 500 kg (sometimes as much as 1,000 kg). The ocean sunfish is extremely fertile, laying up to 300 million eggs (only small numbers of which survive). The larvae have long, threadlike growths on their bodies. Ocean sunfish inhabit warm seas; in the USSR they are found infrequently in the Sea of Japan (near Vladivostok). They feed on plankton and small fish. Ocean sunfish have no commercial value.

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Sunsh, or Mola Mola, are usually found in the Paci c and central Atlantic at depths of up to 2000ft (600m).
Divers in Musandam have reported sighting the Ocean Sunfish or Common Sunfish, scientifically referred to as Mola Mola.
The flat, oval Oceanic Sun-fish, or Mola Mola, was netted by fishermen off the Faroe Islands between Scotland and Iceland before being sent south.