a city (until 1956, a village); administrative center of Moletai Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Located on the Siesartis River (Nemunas basin), 33 km from the Utena railroad station (on the šiauliai-švenčionėliai line), 70 km north of Vilnius. The city has a creamery. There are many lakes in the region (the Moletai group of lakes).

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The zinc-polymeric coating samples were exposed to different environmental conditions (for 2 years):marine (M)-dunes on the shore ofthe BalticSea (Neringa), rural-agrarian (R)-Kulioniu village in district of Moletai and the industrial (I) zone of Vilnius.
The second object is a farm building in Arnioniai manor, Moletai municipality, Lithuania.
It was buried together with his mother, whose body was exhumed in the cemetery of Suginciai village near the Lithuanian town of Moletai, and brought via the demarcation line between Lithuania and Poland (then Lithuania did not recognize the border established after the Pilsudski-initiated military capture of Vilnius in 1920).
The objective of the research is to make an analysis and to compare the levels of motor transport produced noise on the roads of regional significance with asphalt and gravel pavement in Moletai district.
The first paper describes the methodology for the creation of future insights, the principles of application of the expert method, the types of future scenarios and their application in drafting the general plan of the territory of Moletai district.
After departing this pile of stones, I took the bus back to Vilnius via the Moletai Highway, stopped at my flat on the Neris River, and intended to ring you up.
The target territory: the municipality of Moletai Region.
Lithuania's down to earth Moletai, a rural town with a mere 7,000 inhabitants in the northeast, prides itself on a unique Ethno-Cosmology Museum, the essence of which is a human being's and humanity's relations with the cosmic world.
The largest populations are in Utena, Moletai, Zarasai, Varena, Vilkaviskis, and Salcininkai districts.