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The thymus gland (known as throat sweetbread) and the pancreas (stomach sweetbread), especially of the calf and lamb (although beef sweetbreads are sometimes eaten), are considered delicacies and are rich in mineral elements and vitamins. The pancreas is generally preferred to the thymus. Sweetbreads are highly perishable and, immediately after removal from refrigeration, should be soaked and parboiled, then creamed, curried, braised, or otherwise prepared for serving.
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Aceite, caldo, vino, puerro de cabeza grande, menta, pececillos, salchicha picada, testiculos de gallo castrado (rinones), mollejas de cochinillo: todas estas cosas se cocinan en si.
Por el contrario, Luis Rivero y Luis Mata Mollejas identifican otros problemas y rechazan la utilidad del concepto.
Dish of the year: A satisfying portion of simply cooked mollejas (sweetbreads) paired with buttery-rich mashed potatoes.
He aqui un menu tipico: cochinitos enteros, torta gigante con cabezas de pollo, mole, mollejas, arroz, frijoles refritos, aguacate, queso anejo y chiles curados.