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see Pilobolus Dance TheaterPilobolus Dance Theater
, innovative modern dance company formed (1971) by Moses Pendleton, Jonathan Wolken, Lee Harris, and Robby Barnett from a dance class given by Alison Chase at Dartmouth College.
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Series featuring MOMIX, RIOULT, Emeline Michel, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Blaze, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Cameron Carpenter; and the Palm Beach Symphony's "Homage to Pablo Casals" conducted by Ramon Tebar.
A contact there put him in touch with his dream company, Momix, and after taking a company class, associate director Cynthia Quinn offered him a job.
AMERICAN dance theatre company MOMIX presents Lunar Sea, showing for the very first time at the Liverpool Empire Theatre especially for the Capital of Culture year.
It will be the first time Momix has appeared outside London.
ALTHOUGH she will not be officially credited, Franca Vittadini saddled her first winner at San Siro on Saturday when Momix won a maiden.
As a result, I decided to play music for various dance companies, including Baryshnicov and Momix, just to be around the dance culture.
Roland got her dance training at the Alvin Ailey, Robert Joffrey and David Howard studios in New York City; Hampton graduated from Dartmouth College, joined Pilobolus Dance Theatre in 1978, and then became a founding member of Momix, which Roland joined in 1983.
Imagine the surreal humor of Pendleton, who founded the dance companies Pilobolus and MOMIX meeting the athleticism and grace of Parsons and Ezralow's contemporary dance.
Contemporary/Ballet, and Momix as well as Robert LaFosse of the New York City Ballet as a lavishly scarfed Isadora Duncan.
According to Turner, artists who fall under the "radical center's" umbrella because they exploit world classical traditions include Frederick Hart, sculptor of Three Soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Ex Nihilo at the Washington Cathedral; earthworks sculptor James Turrell; Tom Wolfe, who has criticized the self-absorption of modem fiction and called for realistic storytelling; composer Philip Glass; "world music" practitioners; Peter Brook and his "ethnodrama," which makes use of Kathakali, Japanese Noh Theater, and ballet; dance troupes such as Sankai Juku, Momix, and Mark Morris; and pop artists such as Laurie Anderson and David Byrne.
The five-day festival offers ballet, jazz, and on June 30, modern dance by Momix (at 9 P.
Dance captains: Jaime Verazin, a former MOMIX dancer making her Broadway debut, and an assistant, Julius Anthony Rubio, who made his debut in 2011 in Wonderland.