Monday's child

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Monday’s child

fair of face. [Nurs. Rhyme: Opie, 309]
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Amanda, of Barrow, Cumbria, said her children's personalities are reflected in Monday's Child, which starts: "Monday's child is fair of face.
Monday's child has a great sense of humour, is destined to do well, to always land on his or her feet, to be the sort of person others might try to copy, but this is a true original
MONDAY'S CHILD by LOUISE BAGSHAWE (Headline, pounds 12.
Monday's child has breadth of vision, perhaps rather an intuitive soul who seems to be able to second guess other folk's plans and motives.
Monday's child is fair of face - Karen, 34, said: "Definitely true in Jason's case.
Monday's child is very persuasive, good at convincing others that his or her ideas will work and good at currying the favour of the decision makers generally.
Monday's child is restless, playful, likes to socialise and be in the company of lively characters.
Monday's child is born under a solar eclipse which could indicate a change of life pattern around age 30, one that'll bring extra security.
Monday's child is apt to be tugged now and then between the urge to be popular and please everyone and the need to be a go-getter, to do well in life.
MONDAY'S child will love to make other folk feel better, so we probably have the family's agony aunt or uncle of the future here, the one who'll make the chicken soup and proffer tea and sympathy to all who need it
Monday's child is chatty, articulate, a good mover, could be sporty, athletic or a good dancer.
Monday's child is loving, independent, a leader, someone who will want to shape his or her own destiny, perhaps earn a living from doing something artistic or creative in some way.