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see MungerMunger
or Monghyr
, city (1991 pop. 150,112), Bihar state, NE India, on the Ganges River. It is a district administrative center and a grain market, with important road, rail, and ferry connections.
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, India.



a city in India in Bihar state, on the Ganges River. Population, 102,500 (1971). India’s largest tobacco factory is located in Monghyr. Railroad equipment is manufactured in the city and there is a local food industry. Handicraft metalworking is widely carried on.

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Their homes ranged from Howrah of the railway people to abandoned cantonments like Monghyr and Chunar; lost tea-gardens Shillong-way; villages where their fathers were large landholders in Oudh or the Deccan; Mission-stations a week from the nearest railway line; seaports a thousand miles south, facing the brazen Indian surf; and cinchona-plantations south of all.
So far as I went south I believed it to he true; and I went down-stream beyond Monghyr and the tombs that look over the river.
Thereafter I worked up-stream very slowly and lazily, and a little above Monghyr there came down a boatful of white-faces-- alive
The last time that I had my hand in a Mugger's mouth," said one of the Englishmen, stooping down (he was the man who had built the bridge), "it was when I was about five years old--coming down the river by boat to Monghyr.
Thereafter he was made a General and commanded at Monghyr, Bihar.
In a guesstimate of raw 1971 census figure arrived at by adding up the total population of the districts of Purnea, Saharsa, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Monghyr (half) and Santhal Pargana (half), G.