Ammonium Phosphate

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ammonium phosphate

[ə′mōn·yəm ′fäs‚fāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
(NH4)2HPO4 A salt of ammonia and phosphoric acid that forms white monoclinic crystals, which are soluble in water; used as a fertilizer and fire retardant.

Ammonium Phosphate


(in Russian, ammofos), double ammonium-phosphate concentrated mineral fertilizer. It is composed principally of monoammonium phosphate (NH4 H2 PO4) with an admixture of diammonium phosphate [(NH4)2 HPO4 ]. It contains 45–52 percent phosphoric anhydride and 10–12 percent nitrogen. It is used on various soils as a fundamental or supplementary fertilizer.

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Abbreviations: APP, ammonium polyphosphate; MAP, monoammonium phosphate; MCP' monocalcium phosphate; TG-MAP, technical grade monoammonium phosphate.
The contract for apatite concentrate processing on a tolling basis could oblige Ammofos to give up outright the manufacturing of monoammonium phosphate and devote all its efforts to the production of diammonium phosphate, that is, to re-adjust all its MAP and DAP manufacturing equipment to DAP.
According to the National Fire Protection Association and quoted by H3R Aviation, "Any chemical powder can produce some degree of corrosion or other damage, but monoammonium phosphate is acidic and corrodes more readily than other dry chemicals.
The fire-retardant chemicals mostly used for wood products contain boron, phosphorus, phosphoric acid (PA) and its salts, including monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP).
Summary: Moroccan phosphate group "Office Cherifien des phosphates" (OCP) has announced the launch of a major investment program to expand its production of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)and Monoammonium Phosphate (ADP).
Lombi E, McLaughlin MJ, Johnston C, Armstrong RD, Holloway RE (2004) Mobility and lability of phosphorus from granular and fluid monoammonium phosphate differs in a calcareous soil.
3]), or in 3 percent or 11 percent aqueous solutions of monoammonium phosphate (MAP) (N[H.
5] Content Phosphate Rock 32 3,350 3,575 3,919 5,622 Single superphosphate 18 0 0 0 35 Triple superphosphate 46 790 762 1,114 912 Diammonium Phosphate 46 8,300 7,428 8,277 8,789 Monoammonium Phosphate 51 1,400 1,097 885 758 Phosphoric Acid 100 460 324 491 624 Elemental Phosphorus 229 18 17 18 17 Sources: USDC and Fertecon Research Centre (e) Estimated Table 6 World Phosphate Rock Capacity (M mt/yr) 1993 1990 North America 53.
Koch Fertilizer, LLC and its affiliates produce, distribute and globally market nitrogen fertilizers, including anhydrous ammonia, urea, nitric acid, UAN solutions, ammonium nitrate solution, ammonium polyphosphate, ammonium thiosulfate, muriate of potash (MOP), Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) and phosphate compounds.
According to Jacobs Engineering Group, Jacobs Engineering SA has been awarded a contract to deliver engineering, procurement and construction management services for two new Diammonium Phosphate and Monoammonium Phosphate production plants.
The 3 P fertilisers were: granular monoammonium phosphate (MAP, 18 : 22 : 0 w/w %) (~3 mm granule diameter), liquid technical grade monoammonium phosphate (TGMAP; 12:26:0 w/w %), and liquid ammonium polyphosphate (APP; 16:23:0 w/w %).
Reaction of anhydrous ammonia with phosphoric acid to produce diammonium (DAP) and monoammonium phosphate (MAP) has displaced superphosphates and nitro-phosphates as the leading forms of phosphate fertilizer.