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A single, large, continuous filament (single-strand thread) of a natural or synthetic fiber.



a single untwisted synthetic fiber that is thicker than ordinary elementary filaments. It is used in the manufacture of various articles; for example, Nylon-b monofilaments are used in stockings.

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The article regarding the inaccuracy of monofilament testing provides another opportunity to reassess the value of screening diabetics for neuropathy ("Monofilaments Called Inaccurate for Assessing Neuropathy,"
A 1/4-ounce weight followed by a light lure, such as a Needlefish, trolled at the end of 100 feet of 4-pound test monofilament line is a good starting rig.
NovaSilk is a very nice addition to Mentor's product portfolio and offers a macroporous, knitted, monofilament polypropylene mesh, while also being soft and light," said Edward J.
Anglers used to monofilament often think in terms of pound test.
The latest market information included in the studies: The global market size for plastic packaging products and Monofilament (Over 1mm); Overall market size for Monofilament (Over 1mm) and plastic packaging products in the top 10 global countries; Market size for plastic packaging products & Monofilament (Over 1mm) by type; Forecasts and future outlook of the markets and Players on the market with company names, financial performance, employees, key executives, and contact details.
The development of that device was spurred by a test he conducted of seven monofilament devices, including three that are sold commercially and four that are available free of charge.
The FST 3000R, described in the company's catalog, measures shrinkage and shrink force simultaneously for a variety of yarns and fibers such as tire cords, carbon fibers, monofilament, narrow tapes and others.
Crimp 100 feet of 100-pound monofilament line to the cable.
Eddy, of the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, and his colleages incorporated the anticlotting drug prostacylin into a biodegradable polymer, polycaprolactone, and made the mixture into a monofilament suture.
Not only is it made from knitted, monofilament polypropylene, Aris is designed to offer low elasticity, smooth edges and does not have a sleeve that has to be removed after placement," commented Dr.