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see airplaneairplane,
or aircraft,
heavier-than-air vehicle, mechanically driven and fitted with fixed wings that support it in flight through the dynamic action of the air.
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an airplane with a single wing. In the early 20th century wings were called planes, since they were thin and often flat. They were fastened to the airplane with wires, cables, or steel bands (wire-braced monoplanes) or with struts (strutted monoplanes). Later the use of high-strength materials made possible the elimination of braces and struts (cantilever monoplanes). The wing of a cantilever monoplane is heavier than the wing of a biplane. However, this drawback is balanced by better flying performance.

Monoplanes are classified as high-wing, mid-wing, or low-wing types, according to the position of the wing relative to the fuselage. Cantilever monoplanes are now universally used; however, braced and strutted monoplanes are still used in light aviation and sportflying.


An airplane with one main supporting surface wing that may be divided into two parts by the fuselage.


an aeroplane with only one pair of wings
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Two months later the intrepid Moisant became the first person to fly a monoplane over New York City.
This French Bleriot monoplane, numbered 21 under the wing and the plane in which Moisant had won the Statue of Liberty Race, would thrill the crowds at Tupelo.
21 monoplane in an open pasture known as the Stock Yard.
winged flying machines--some biplanes and others monoplanes, some pushed
produced a little model monoplane, with its propeller spun by a twisted
had given up his Voisin biplane for a monoplane made by Louis Bleriot.
Meanwhile, the Nazi Party had come to power in Germany and was secretly planning a major re-armament programme, including the creation of a powerful air force of modern, all-metal monoplanes -- the Luftwaffe.
But Dowding was also a moderniser who saw that the future would lie with fast, metal monoplanes, rather than wood-and-fabric biplanes.
Supermarine decided to try their luck and Mitchell began to design an all-metal monoplane based on his racing seaplanes.
8, 1998--A restored 1929 Travel Air monoplane, similar to one used by Delta Air Lines on its first passenger flight, will fly into Raleigh - Durham Airport en route from New York's John F.
At that time fighter aircraft were changing from the wood, fabric, and wire biplanes of World War I to the all-metal monoplanes that would characterize the frontline fighters of 1939.
2, 1998--A restored 1929 Travel Air monoplane, similar to one used by Delta Air Lines on its first passenger flight, fly into Washington Dulles International Airport en route to New York's John F.