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(inorganic chemistry)
Sin H2 n +2A class of silicon-based compounds analogous to alkanes, that is, straight-chain, saturated paraffin hydrocarbons; they can be gaseous or liquid. Also known as silicon hydride.



any one of several compounds of silicon with hydrogen that have the general formula SinH2n+n (seeSILICON HYDRIDES).

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However, the sales markets for monosilanes have changed drastically in Japan since then.
With this project, EMJ plans to construct a monosilane plant that will be capable of producing approx.
The solar energy market depends on a reliable supply of high-purity monosilane gas as one of those key raw materials.
Located adjacent to Hemlock Semiconductor Group's, Michigan polysilicon manufacturing site, the Dow Corning Monosilanes facility will manufacture high purity monosilane, a key specialty gas used to manufacture thin-film solar cells and liquid crystal displays.
This agreement also demonstrates the strength of our technology based on monosilane, and gives us the confidence to feed the industry's demand for electronic grade silane.
This investment includes construction of a new monosilane manufacturing facility in Hemlock, Michigan, adjacent to Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation's polysilicon manufacturing site.
Besides its resistance to microcracking, the DCS Silicide process has other significant benefits over the monosilane (SiH4) silicide process chemistry that has been used for years in semiconductor production.
The San Jose Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team inspected the site and found that labels on the cylinders indicated the contents to be various poisonous, flammable and explosive gases, including chlorine, ethylene, and monosilane.