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The Monotype system, Hopkins suggests, was the first digital process adopted for daily use in typesetting plants, a precursor to the computerized revolution in the industry that emerged some seventy years later.
The booklet, included as an example of fine letterpress printing, is part of a series issued by Hopkins using his own Monotype Composition Caster.
Monotype subsidiaries GB Techniques and Sinclair Imaging Systems Ltd.
In January 1990, Monotype reverted to private ownership after Pointplus PLC had acquired a 90% stake in the typography designer and output device manufacturer.
This is an important milestone in our history, as we combine two entities that care passionately about type," said Doug Shaw, president and chief executive officer at Monotype Imaging.
Combining MyFonts' success in bringing together cutting-edge type designs from 21st century designers with Monotype Imaging's huge library of classic faces and top-notch design expertise sets up for a strong, exciting future for type.
Expo attendees are invited to speak with Monotype Imaging at basecamp, which is a central location for Microsoft partners that are developing solutions for the next version of Windows.
Further information is also available from Monotype Imaging's Camphor microsite.
Established more than a century ago and influenced by British design, Monotype is a Monotype Imaging brand that represents classic, high-quality typefaces for brand managers, publishers and content creators.
Ascender is passionate about type and understands its power to secure brand trust, engage everyday communication and enhance creativity," said Doug Shaw, president and chief executive officer at Monotype Imaging.
We look forward to adding our artistry, craftsmanship and technical expertise to the team at Monotype Imaging - skills that are at the heart of the company's history and remain true today," said Ira Mirochnick, president of Ascender.
As part of the consideration for the transaction, Monotype Imaging has awarded 71,948 shares of restricted common stock to Ira Mirochnick, the former president of Ascender who is becoming the vice president and general manager of Monotype Imaging's Display Imaging group, and 32,703 shares of restricted common stock to each of Brian P.