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see arumarum,
common name for the Araceae, a plant family mainly composed of species of herbaceous terrestrial and epiphytic plants found in moist to wet habitats of the tropics and subtropics; some are native to temperate zones.
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a genus of plants of the family Araceae. They are lianas that climb by means of adventitious roots. The plants often become detached from the soil and continue to live as epiphytes. The first leaves are entire; later ones are pinnatisect and perforated. The flowers are bisexual, in spadices that have spathes. The fruit is a berry. There are approximately 50 species, distributed in tropical America. Some species are grown as ornamentals in greenhouses and homes. The most common species is the ceriman, or monster plant (Monstera deliciosa), whose fruits are edible.


Morshchikhina, S. S. Monstera delikatesnaia…. Moscow-Leningrad, 1961.
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At this year's International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, the theme was the Monstrous Fantastic, and many of the monsters were as exotic and delectable as our Monstera fruit.
The perforated leaf blades of the "adult" foliage of many Monstera species (Fig.
Pelargonium) Pelargonii Bacterial leaf Pseudomonas Philodendron, pothos, spot cichorii Chinese evergreen, and Monstera Bacterial soft Erwinia spp.
The year 2003 found Strobel in the Upper Amazon region of Peru, where he came across a Monstera vine endophyte that produces a new antibiotic, coronamycin, that can combat malaria, a disease that still ravages many tropical regions.
There is no fall or winter in Kushner's work, although Three Philodendron Monstera, 2007, and Trudy's Garden, 2006, do feature some brown and black planes evocative of the mortality implicit in both.
What is the common name for the house plant Monstera deliciosa?
Foliage plants such as ivies, the big- leafed Fatsia japonica, or my favourite, the Swiss Cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa, are much more robust than many flowering plants.
It works magic, even with fast-food sushi, to put it on top of a ti leaf or a monstera leaf, on a cake stand or any platter.
Foliages or dried, such as Monstera, Philodendron, or Physalis, materials can also add form.
The monstera deliciosa has banana and pineapple flavors, is shaped like a cucumber" and has an exterior of small discs, says Van Aken.