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in French history, the label applied to deputies sitting on the raised left benches in the National Convention during the French Revolution. Members of the faction, known as Montagnards [Mountain Men] saw themselves as the embodiment of national unity.
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Since the reunification of Vietnam in 1975, government resettlement and independent migration have forced the Montagnards to live with a rising number of Vietnamese settlers, causing increased competition between the two groups over public services and natural resources.
In some cases, particularly involving Hmong and Montagnard Protestants and Hoa Hao adherents, when authorities charged persons with practicing religion illegally, they used Article 258 of the Penal Code that allowed for jail terms of up to 3 years for "abus[ing] the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of belief, religion, assembly, association and other democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State.
5) The Montagnard Project was reported to have been directed by CIA station chief, John Richardson, a specialist in counter-insurgency with prior experience in the Office of Strategic Services, the American espionage organization used during the Second World War.
Today, history is repeating itself in Vietnam, as the indigenous mountain tribes of the Central Highlands - known collectively as the Montagnards, a name applied to them by the French - have lost their land and their livelihoods, in large measure because of coffee.
Many Montagnards belong to independent evangelical Protestant churches that the government regards as illegal.
Benoit argues that Lyon's political identity throughout the long nineteenth century and even beyond was shaped by the city's experience during the French Revolution, and especially by the memory of the local uprising against the Montagnards in 1793 and the brutal repression that followed it.
16) It differed from the Roman Empire in that it was a continental--and not a maritime--power, that it was a rural empire--composed primarily of peasants as opposed to mariners and montagnards, and that it had a significant middle-class component.
For these montagnards, gunpowder preserves honor and freedom.
Elected deputy to the National Convention from Paris in 1792, he sat with the extremist montagnards, including Marat and his cold-blooded friend Robespierre.
MILWAUKEE -- Indigenous Montagnards who fought alongside U.
En grande partie, la colonisation francaise avec les deplacements forces des montagnards de l'Atlas blideen, la creation de villages de peuplement, ses actions intentionnelles de depersonnalisation, de deculturation, de dispersion, ses assassinats et ses tortures des montagnards de l'Atlas blideen.
Given the Girondins' association with abolitionism, the Montagnards had allied themselves with the slave owners' representatives in Paris and accepted their version of events to the extent of ordering the recall and indictment of Sonthanx and Polverel.