Mount Pelée

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Pelée, Mount


(Montagne Pelee), an active volcano on Martinique, in the West Indies. Elevation, 1,397 m. Mount Pelee is known for its catastrophic eruption in 1902, when a heavy hot cloud of ash and volcanic bombs and blocks destroyed the city of St. Pierre and its 26,000 inhabitants. The eruption led to the classification of such volcanoes as Pelean. Mount Pelée was less strongly active in 1929–32.

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But the garden also undertakes to educate visitors about the imposing peak that rises to the north: Montagne Pelee (Bald Mountain), its French name alluding to the sparse vegetation at its summit.
Recordemos que el 7 de mayo de 1902, un dia antes de la fatal erupcion de la Montagne Pelee, de Martinica, la actividad del La Soufriere de San Vicente mato a mil 565 de sus habitantes.
Over the town looms the impressive form of Montagne Pelee, its flanks covered with greenery, its summit usually lost in clouds.
In an age when technology such as the telegraph was beginning to revolutionise communications, the eruption of Montagne Pelee was one of the first natural disasters to grab headlines around the world.
It also sucks the oxygen from the atmosphere, and in the case of Montagne Pelee, it suffocated as many people as it burned.