Montana State University

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Montana State University,

at Bozeman; land-grant; coeducational; chartered 1893. It is primarily a technical institution specializing in agriculture, engineering, and applied sciences. The Museum of the Rockies is there.
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As enrollment continues to increase at Montana State University, Wells Fargo Securities is proud to play a part in the expansion of the MSU campus by serving as underwriter for the issuance of the universitys residence hall bonds, said Stratford Shields, head of Public Finance at Wells Fargo Securities.
In September 1993, Montana State University named him to the Society of Centennial Alumni, recognizing him as one of the university's 100 outstanding graduates in the last century.
Cash, Animal & Range Sciences Department, Montana State University, Bozeman; R.
MacDonald graduated from Montana State University and was with the firm Rossman, MacDonald and Benetti Inc.
In a study published in the August issue of the journal Conservation Biology, Montana State University researchers Andrew Hansen and Jay Rotella found that due to climate and soil differences, birds are more likely to live on lower-elevation private lands than in higher-elevation nature reserves like Yellowstone.
The largest chapters, not surprisingly, are in Missoula, home of the University of Montana, and Bozeman, home of Montana State University.
degree front Montana State University, all in chemical engineering.
Paper presented at Faculty Development Conference, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT.
We're everywhere," says Patricia Butterfield, a professor at the Montana State University College of Nursing in Bozeman.
In Bozeman, my first stop, John Frohnmeyer attended my speech at Montana State University.
Bill was a professor and administrator at Montana State University for 38 years, and was the author or editor of five books and more than 70 published articles.

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