an archaeological culture of the middle Bronze Age (1700–1200 B.C.). It was discovered in 1917–18 near the village of Saărata-Monteoru, in Buzau District, Rumania. It was widespread in eastern Rumania and in the western Moldavian SSR.

The Monteoru culture is represented by fortified and unfortified settlements and by burial grounds (the corpses were buried in a flexed position on their sides). The population lived in patriarchal communes and engaged in farming and stock raising. Weapons and other objects were made of bronze and stone. Black, polished clay vessels were decorated with reliefs or cord impressions; at a later stage they were decorated with knobs, palmettes, or spirals.

Another find near the village of Sarata-Monteoru was a Slavic burial ground of the sixth and seventh centuries with more than 1,500 cremated bodies placed in round pits or, more rarely, clay urns. It yielded such artifacts as digitate fibulae, iron knives, glass beads, and Byzantine gold, silver, and glass vessels.


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The map covers the area with the boundaries of Wallachia with borders on the Carpathians and the Danube, until Cremenea river (north of Harkova), following Calmafui river to Faurei village, the Buzau river to the confluence with Siret, then Putna and Milcov rivers to mount Monteoru.
In the Subcarpathian region, there are several important resorts, valorizing the mineral springs, the salt lakes and the sulfurous springs (Baltatesti, Oglinzi, Targu Ocna, Slanic Prahova, Sarata Monteoru, Pucioasa, Calimanesti-Caciulata, Baile Govora, Baile Olanesti, Bala, Sacel).
The number of tickets offered each year is always short of demand especially considering the most requested resorts: Baile Tusnad, Slanic Prahova, Slanic Moldova, Targu Ocna, Sinaia, Sangeorz-Bai, Sarata Monteoru, Pucioasa, Eforie Sud, Eforie Nord, Techirghiol, Neptun, Olanesti, Lacu Sarat, Amara, Baile Herculane, Buzias, Govora, Baile Felix, CalimanestiCaciulata, Vatra Dornei, Tusnad si Sovata (www.
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Total quantity or scope: Making self-54SB long welded type, Production of JIL sites and coupons based 49/54 Monteoru transition needed to replace defective rails in a row on row 701 Buzau- Faure for bringing superstructure technical parameters for a speed of 70 horses km / h, according to specifications.
Tenders are invited for Execution of construction and assembly works in the investment objective: "Regularisation river near the village Sarata Sarata Monteoru, Merei township, county.
Execution of construction works mounting the investment objective: "Regularisation bad Sarata within the city of Sarata Monteoru, the village Merei county.
Tenders are invited for Execution of Construction and Assembly Works in the Investment Objective: Regularisation River Near the Village Sarata Sarata Monteoru, Merei Township, County.
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