Montreal, University of

Montreal, University of,

at Montreal, Que., Canada; French language; established 1876 as a branch of Laval Univ. It became an autonomous university in 1919. It has faculties of arts and sciences, graduate studies, theology, law, medicine, nursing, dental medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, environment design, music, and education.

Montreal, University of


(Université de Montréal), a major university in Canada; instruction is given in French. It was founded in 1876 as a branch of Laval University, which had opened in Quebec City in 1852. The University of Montreal became a Catholic institution of higher education in 1878. It has been nondenominational since 1920.

In 1973 the university had faculties of theology, law, medicine, philosophy, letters, natural sciences, dental surgery, pharmacy, sciences, public health, music, veterinary medicine, and social, economic, and political sciences (uniting more than 30 colleges). Working in conjunction with these faculties are the institutes of the history of religion, nutrition, endocrinology, experimental medicine and surgery, cancer research, microbiology and immunology, history, pedagogy, and psychology. There also are polytechnic, business, veterinary, public health, and various other schools. The university libraries house 1.2 million volumes.

Unlike the faculties, the colleges and schools of the University of Montreal are separate, independent institutions that are academically affiliated with the university. In 1973 approximately 22,000 students were enrolled at the university and there were 1,200 instructors.

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