Monument Valley

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Monument Valley,

scenic arid region, c.2,000 sq mi (5,000 sq km), SE Utah and NE Ariz. Located in the Navajo Indian Reservation, Monument Valley is not a true valley but an area of monolithlike buttes and pinnacles that rise as much as 1,000 ft (300 m) above the desert. Best known as the backdrop for John Ford's Stagecoach (1939) and other westerns, the predominantly red and orange sandstone, siltstone, and shale landscape is sacred to the Navajos because of its burial grounds and holy places. Ancestral Pueblo and older remains are also found in the valley. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park (29,817 acres/12,076 hectares) contains some of the most notable features, including El Capitán (7,100 ft/2,170 m), known to the Navajo as Algathla.
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Monument Valley - straddling the Utah/Arizona border - consists of dozens of massive sandstone towers, known as buttes, which magically change in colour throughout the day.
From Elite and Populous to Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto to Runescape and Moshi Monsters to Monument Valley and Plunder Pirates, UK games have made a significant cultural and economic global impact.
Excellence in Audio Visual Art & Design Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Notespace Beat Haunt the House: Terrortown Monument Valley Tengami Leo's Fortune Rival Knights FRAMED Alone.
But you do have the luxury of starting all over again, and with a world as glorious, weird and wonderful as Monument Valley on offer, you won't have to think twice about diving straight back in.
Four years ago, I travelled around the 'wild' western regions of the US, booking accommodation as I went, thanks to superfast, and free, internet connections in the middle of Monument Valley.
Some are slablike mini-monoliths reminiscent of Monument Valley, others delicate spires; some have the look of clenched fists, others of pointing fingers.
This part of the Panhandle is also known as Monument Valley, dubbed so by the pioneers who traveled along the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails that passed nearby.
A 10-night fly-drive holiday, including flights via Minneapolis St Paul to Salt Lake City, car hire, two-night stay in Salt Lake City, two nights in Moab, one night in Monument Valley, one night in Page, two nights in Springdale, one night in Bryce Canyon and one night in Torrey, starts at PS1,195pp, based on two sharing.
Eventually, we were run out of town and travelled north via Kayenta to Monument Valley and Goulding's Lodge, deep in Navajo territory.
This article will focus on two Navajo schools: Ganado High School, a comprehensive high school that integrates career pathways into the total high school program, and the nationally and internationally recognized program of veterinary science at Monument Valley High School (MVHS).
The rock formations of Rainbow Bridge in southern Utah and Monument Valley on Utah's border with Arizona, sacred to Navajo tribes since ancient times, have now come to symbolize the modern American West.
Number 14 is Monument Valley in the US and 15 is India's Taj Mahal.