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a quality in art akin to the aesthetic concept of the sublime; socially significant content expressed in majestic plastic form, imbued with a sense of the heroic and epic and affirming a positive ideal. Monumentally may be present in various art forms and genres, but it is essential to monumental art. As an artistic quality, monumentality must not be equated with the concept of the monumental as it refers to a work of monumental art. Not every work of monumental art has this quality of monumentality in terms of composition.

A lack of monumentality is particularly characteristic of art that is not capable of asserting positive social values or propagating progressive social ideals among the masses. Such art is marked by stylistic eclecticism (for example, certain 19th-century monuments in some countries of Europe and the Americas).


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Its frightening design expresses nothing but the harshness of the aggression that the neoclassical monumentality of the Town Hall must be protected from.
Clare Twomey's Monument is another example of contemporary ceramics practice that invites a direct comparison with sculpture through the concept of the monument and monumentality.
Something of the massive simplicity of the original structure has been lost, but the case could be made that the resulting rhythms add a certain charm and monumentality to the building, which has gone from being -- in visual terms -- a lintel on a cornice to a three-fold structure that recalls a triumphal arch.
But more often than not, monumentality in music is especially related to the Romantic/late Romantic Austro-German compositional repertoire and its composers represented by Beethoven, Liszt, Wagner, Brahms, Bruckner, and Mahler.
Located in the bleak, industrial and characterless Sector 37 of Gurgaon--Delhi's mega satellite city, commonly referred to as the call-centre capital of the world--this new building seeks to create its own ambience through the use of robust self-finished materials and a calculated sense of scale and monumentality.
The day I saw the statue of Stan Cullis unveiled at the Molyneux I knew that monumentality was beginning to arrive.
The Missa Salisburgensis is among the most exceptional works of world sacred music not just for the monumentality of its conception but for its supreme use of multiple ensembles: it is composed for fifty-three parts divided into seven separate ensembles, live of them with vocal and instrumental parts and two trumpet ensembles.
There is no precedent for this exhaustive examination of tapestry in the Tudor royal collection: the sheer depth and range of Campbell's research, and the number of tapestries elucidated, contribute to the monumentality of the endeavor.
By making the floor the principal focus of her project, Salcedo dramatically shifts our perception of the Turbine Hall's architecture, subtly subverting its claims to monumentality and grandeur.
Like Koch's spoofs, "Recycle" shows a preference for disposability rather than monumentality, a well-recognized aesthetic position.
The effect was one of monumentality and brilliant color.