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A phaneritic (visibly crystalline) plutonic rock composed chiefly of sodic plagioclase and alkali feldspar, with subordinate amounts of dark-colored minerals, intermediate between syenite and dorite.



(named after the city of Monzoni, Italy, in the Tirol), crystalline igneous rock consisting of approximately equal amounts of common potash feldspar and lime-soda feldspar (orthoclase and labradorite) and of a ferromagnesian mineral, usually pyroxene. In more acid varieties of monzonite a small amount of quartz may also be present; in more basic kinds there may be olivine. Chemically the group of monzonite rocks occupies an intermediate position between gabbros and syenites (average silica content of 55–65 percent); therefore monzonites are also called gabbro-syenites. Monzonite is a dense large-grained rock that is attractive when polished. It is used as a building material. Monzonites occur in many regions of the USSR—for example, the Ukraine and the Baikal region; abroad they are found in Italy, Norway, and other countries.

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Mineralization in drill hole QH-14-01 consists of fine to medium grained disseminated sulphides in sericite altered, sheared quartz monzonite.
According to TAS diagrams by [4] and [2] which are drawn according to alkaline Na2O and K2O quantities in SiO2, all the studied samples are placed in quartzmonzonite, granite, diorte, quartzmonzodiorite, monzonite and granodiorite range (figs.
Le cortege plutonique de Charlo est un groupe de plutons et de dykes de petite taille, situe a l'ouest des plutons du ruisseau Dickie et du ruisseau Landry, et il se compose de diabase, de monzonite quartzique a du monzogranite, de porphyre rhyolitique, et de porphyre dacitique.
The airborne survey confirmed that West Kaketsa, like Grizzly West, is in a region of strong magnetic activity and structure, the latter indicating faults and fractures in the intrusive bodies favorable for mineralizing fluids along the contact zones of the Mount Kaketsa monzonite granodiorite stock.
Porphyry mineralisation at Oyut Uln is connected with late-stage monzonite and quartz diorite porphyry dykes on the flanks of the Oyut Uln Intrusive Complex.
Copper in these samples occurs as both oxide and sulphide mineralization in quartz veins, fractures and faults that cut quartz monzonite porphyry ("QMP") dykes and adjacent granodiorite, which is a geological environment similar to the Ann Mason deposit.
The entire sequence consists of mainly mineralised quartz monzonite which
Preliminary metallurgical test work conducted by Amoco Minerals Company in 1981 showed that the molybdenite could be readily recoverable from the quartz monzonite material by standard floatation methods.
Late stage mineralization in the form of gold-silver-arsenic-antimony-mercury is zoned outward from a porphyritic quartz monzonite stock of late Cretaceous age.
The program focused on the Diorite prospect (Figure 2) and targeted zones of sub cropping stockwork gold and copper mineralisation hosted in a series of potasic altered monzonite porphyries.
Although the iron properties are several kilometers apart, they possess a common style of mineralization characterized by magnetite and hematite-rich bodies occurring in skarn developed near the contact of Cretaceous limestone and younger intrusive of either granodiorite or monzonite stocks and batholiths.
Hole BCRC100101 was drilled to test the Cypress Zone where in 2011 ABM intersected a high grade mineralised structure located close to the western contact of the monzonite porphyry body.