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Abnormal enlargement of the mammary glands in the male.



excessive unilateral or bilateral enlargement of the mammary glands in males, so that they sometimes resemble female glands. Temporary, mild gynecomastia often occurs in adolescent males. Pronounced gynecomastia is one of the symptoms of primary diseases of the endocrine glands, especially the gonads. Patients develop secondary female sex characteristics (feminine pelvis, hips, and voice), lose facial hair, and suffer sexual disturbances. Gynecomastia can also develop in cases of liver diseases (cirrhosis), because of disturbances in estrogen metabolism. Treatment involves elimination of the main disease and sometimes surgery.

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While I can accept a moderate paunch I cannot abide having moobs, especially when they're visible beneath my t-shirt.
He-vage heroes Have a look - if you can stomach it - at these masters of the man-boob John Travolta The Grease star joined forces with the Bee Gees to spearhead a new fashion craze, unleashing his moobs in a white polyester suit in 1977's Saturday Night Fever.
I'm older and wiser and the hair on my moobs is turning white, but I'm essentially the same subversive, cheeky little ape I always was.
The removal of 'man boobs' - or moobs to coin a term - is a popular request, and not just because of the recent debate about whether M& S should charge women more for bigger bras.
Since Simon Cowell (above) returned to join Chezza and Mel B things have been bigger and better, and I'm not just referring to his moobs.
PHOTOGRAPHER Richard Frew was under strict instructions to keep my moobs out of the frame as I took a dip down memory lane yesterday.
We''re used to talking about moobs and cankles but what about other recent additions to the body parts dictionary like 'chineck'', where neck and chin blends into one, or 'sleevage'' which appears when the top of your arms are fat and they push against your body creating a shape similar to a cleavage.
She has also recently supported up-and-coming band The Moobs.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your knot ends up a mess and the tie itself hangs down past your belt, or comes up way too short, just below your moobs.
Male breast reduction operations - to get rid of "man boobs" or moobs as they're known - are up a staggering 44% from last year and over 1,000% from 2003.