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emblematic representation of the quarter moon. The crescent and star, ancient Byzantine symbols that became the emblems of Constantinople, were also assumed as the standard of the Ottoman Turks. The crescent surmounted by a cross indicates the origin of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The crescent appears on the flags of various present-day Muslim nations. The emblem is also used in blazonry.


Shape similar to the visible part of the moon in its first or last quarter; also the shape of a row of townhouse fronts constructed in the approximate shape of a circular or elliptical arc.


A building or series of buildings whose façades follow a concave arc of a circle or ellipse in plan.


1. the biconcave shape of the moon in its first or last quarters
2. Chiefly Brit a crescent-shaped street, often lined with houses of the same style
a. the emblem of Islam or Turkey
b. Islamic or Turkish power
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NASDAQ:AVID), today announced the sale of its next-generation 3-D animation system, SOFTIMAGE(R)|XSI(TM), to MOON CRESCENT ANIMATION, a division of MOON CRESCENT STUDIOS.
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Notara has the potential to dramatically improve how entertainment companies such as Moon Crescent Studios leverage their marketing relationships and drive the growth of their licensing and sponsorship activities," said Notara's President and CEO Jordan Harris.
Notara's software is already in use at seven major corporations, including Levi's, Gatorade, the two leading NASCAR race teams, and Moon Crescent Studios.