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see morning glorymorning glory,
common name for members of the Convolvulaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and small trees (many of them climbing forms) inhabiting warm regions, especially the tropics of America and Asia. The family is characterized by milky sap.
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Of the Cheyenne poems published in Moonflowers at Dusk, half are based on the poet's personal experience and half on historical research.
Anderson, the librarian to whom her poetry book, Moonflowers at Dusk, is dedicated.
According to the note in Moonflowers at Dusk, the typescript of the interview is located in the Doris Duke Indian Oral History Collection in the Western History Collections at the University of Oklahoma.
The practice of ingesting moonflowers may be somewhat indigenous to the Akron/Cleveland community, where D.
Fourteen children aged 12-19 years reported to an emergency department in the Akron/Cleveland, Ohio, area after eating moonflower seeds or drinking tea brewed from the seeds.
Although no long-term adverse effects have been documented, parents and children should be aware that recreational use of any plant could have possible toxic effects, and children who ingest moonflower seeds should see a physician.
Use of the common name moonflower had led to some confusion about which of the several moonflower plants were involved in these exposures.
No reports of moonflower exposure or moonflower information calls in the Akron/Cleveland area during 2000-2001 were found in the DPIC database (DPIC, unpublished data, 2002).
The Moonflower by Peter and Jean Loewer Peachtree Publishing 28 pages
Different insects feed off of the moonflower at night.