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/muhng/ (MIT, 1960) Mash Until No Good.

Sometime after that the derivation from the recursive acronym "Mung Until No Good" became standard. 1. To make changes to a file, especially large-scale and irrevocable changes.

See BLT.

2. To destroy, usually accidentally, occasionally maliciously. The system only mungs things maliciously; this is a consequence of Finagle's Law.

See scribble, mangle, trash, nuke.

Reports from Usenet suggest that the pronunciation /muhnj/ is now usual in speech, but the spelling "mung" is still common in program comments (compare the widespread confusion over the proper spelling of kluge).

3. The kind of beans of which the sprouts are used in Chinese food. (That's their real name! Mung beans! Really!)

Like many early hacker terms, this one seems to have originated at TMRC; it was already in use there in 1958. Peter Samson (compiler of the original TMRC lexicon) thinks it may originally have been onomatopoeic for the sound of a relay spring (contact) being twanged. However, it is known that during the World Wars, "mung" was army slang for the ersatz creamed chipped beef better known as "SOS".
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They are paying '108- '112/ kg for urad, '103- '105/ kg for moong, '84- '94/ kg for masoor and '64- '68/ kg for gram.
In Dollar terms, Dal Moong is currently priced at $1200 per metric tonne in the country while in the international market the commodity is available at around $1600 to $1700 per metric tonne.
Wrap drained moong in a cloth (old kitchen towel or a large handkerchief works well) and place in a bowl.
Some 945 acre cotton sown area, 25 acre sugarcane area, 12 acre Moong, 785 acre fodder, 587 acre vegetables and 83 acre area of other crops was destroyed in 12 villages of tahsil DG Khan.
In a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab Agriculture department,the spokesman said that moong production target for Multan division was set at 879 ton from 2624 acre area, 18,165 ton from 46,728 acre area in Dera Ghazi Khan division, and 1185 ton from 5542 acre area in Bahawalpur division.
However, the prices of jowar came down by four per cent, barley by two per cent, and moong by one per cent.
Moong can be sown from first to last week of March in spring season, however, its sowing in the first fortnight of March can yield better results.
During the week prices of mutton, tea, maize, arhar, moong, condiments and spices rose by one per cent each.
Inflation eased over the previous week despite rise in food prices including fish-marine 8 per cent, arhar 4 per cent, urad 2 per cent, fruit and vegetables, moong, masur, mutton, wheat, and condiments and spices 1 per cent each.
Pulse gram Rs 60 to 65 per kg, Masoor Rs 110 to 135 per kg, Maash Rs 135 per kg, moong Rs 150 per kg, white gram Rs 55 kg, mutton Rs 480 per kg, beef Rs 250 per kg, milk normal Rs 55 per litre, yogurt Rs 65 per kg, sugar Rs 53 per kg, flour Rs 745 per bag of 20 kg.
support price for common paddy now be Rs 950 a quintal and for Agrade variety Rs 980 per quintal, an MSP of toor dal has been increased to Rs 2,300 from Rs 2,000, moong to Rs 2,760 from Rs 2,520 and sesame to Rs 2,850 from Rs 2,750 per quintal.