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Like Yerk, Mops is descended from the ex-commercial object-oriented language Neon. It was developed by Michael Hore <>. Mops features an optimising native-code compiler; it is much faster than Yerk, but less compatible with Neon. Mops includes extensions such as multiple inheritance.

Version 2.3.1 includes a compiler, documentation and an editor.

A Macintosh version is available.


(Mega <million> Operations Per Second) The measurement of instructional performance of a system. It often refers to DSP operations. See GOPS. See also MOP.
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Seriate, Bergamo, Italy) has placed on the market a new cleaning trolley (Solo System) composed of containers--for collection and dosing of detergent/disinfectant to be used during cleaning operations--made of molded plastic with silver filaments and microfiber mops, likewise containing silver.
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