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a river in eastern India. It measures approximately 300 km in length. The river originates in the Rajmahal Hills and flows from the right into an arm of the Ganges-Hooghly Delta. A large hydroengineering complex (a dam, a reservoir, and an irrigation canal system with a total length of more than 1,500 km) is on the Mor.

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Now, with the new direct connect plug-in, Performance Premium lender customers can order and receive mortgage insurance rate quotes--including a PDF of the quote--and MI certificates without leaving their MOR vision systems.
In April 1998 MOR failed to perform under the Contract and subsequently, both parties agreed to an ad hoc arbitration in Stockholm, Sweden.
NBR mixes containing MOR gave the longest induction periods as compared to other curing systems used in this work; the mix containing MOR 90 gave a slightly longer scorch-delay time than did that containing MOR.
Alarmedby skyrocketing ACL injuries, MOR sports medicine physicians are recommending yearly screenings and prevention programs for athletes vulnerable to ACL injuries.
With this contract GE will not only participate in the substantial growth in the North American rail industry but we also are positioned to become a long-term supplier to the MOR in order to participate in the growth of the China market.
OTTAWA -- Bombardier and the China Ministry of Railways (MOR) today signed a cooperation agreement in Ottawa, following the framework agreement signed on June 27 between the Corporation and the MOR.
MONTREAL -- Bombardier and the China Ministry of Railways (MOR) signed today a long-term strategic cooperation framework agreement related to the purchase by MOR of additional high-speed electric multiple unit trainsets from Bombardier and its joint venture Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.