Moral Re-Armament

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Moral Re-Armament:

see Buchman, Frank N. DBuchman, Frank Nathan Daniel
, 1878–1961, American evangelist, b. Pennsburg, Pa. The international movement he founded has been variously called First Century Christian Fellowship, the Oxford Group, Moral Re-Armament (often known as MRA), and Buchmanism.
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The nongovernmental organization Moral Re-armament (MRA), now called Initiatives of Change International, has headquarters in Caux, Switzerland.
The full-page advertisement consisted of a letter supporting Moral Re-Armament and bearing the signatures of six prominent sports men.
Moreover, a more fully representative treatment of the issues would have required that attention be given also to such highly important American Protestant groups as the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade and the Christian Crusade and to the international Moral Re-Armament Movement.
A report on the effect of Moral Re-Armament being applied for 12 months in Fort Dunlop was given to the World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament at Caux-sur-Montreal by Mr Albert Burn, the chairman of engineering shop stewards.
government, reviews the unexamined role of the Moral Re-Armament Network in effecting Franco-German reconciliation after the Second World War.
Then it was called moral re-armament and as a result of the associated disarmament policy, my generation were pitch-forked into a war against a well-armed German Army.
There she met a family involved with Moral Re-Armament (MRA), the forerunner of Initiatives of Change.
One of four sons of an Anglican clergyman, Dodds joined Moral Re-Armament in 1946 and made his Essex debut on May 22 that year, two days after his demob from the Signals, for which regiment he served in India and Burma.
That is how I discovered Initiatives of Change, or Moral Re-Armament (MRA) as it was then.
For many years, the home has been used by the spiritual charity Moral Re-Armament Movement (now Initiatives for Change) and training courses in ethical and spiritual subjects will continue.
I write of Frank Buchman, the initiator of Moral Re-Armament, now Initiatives of Change.
His daughter Irene established a trust to buy Tirley Garth for use by the organisation Moral Re-Armament, and she continued to live in the house until her death in 1974.