Moral Re-Armament

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Moral Re-Armament:

see Buchman, Frank N. DBuchman, Frank Nathan Daniel
, 1878–1961, American evangelist, b. Pennsburg, Pa. The international movement he founded has been variously called First Century Christian Fellowship, the Oxford Group, Moral Re-Armament (often known as MRA), and Buchmanism.
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Here he harkens back to the goals and ideals of the Moral Rearmament movement of his youth.
Born in Greenwich, Connecticut - a town her ancestors co-founded in the late 1600s - Close's parents became part of the ultra-conservative Moral Rearmament movement just as she was entering adolescence.
He may remind some readers of the Moral Rearmament movement.
As long-standing members of the Moral Rearmament peace and reconciliation movement, he and his wife Catherine came into contact with a wide range of people, from South African guerrilla fighters in the days of apartheid, to shop stewards and members of the aristocracy.