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a group of ascomycetous fungi consisting of caps and stalks and having fragile, bulky fruiting bodies with little flesh. The surface of the cap is vesicular, flexuous, wavy, or smooth and is covered with a sporebearing layer. There are a number of genera. The most common are Morchella, which has a ribbed-vesicular cap whose edges are attached to the stalk; Verpa, which has a wrinkled or, less frequently, smooth cap with free edges; and Gyromitra, which has a flexuous cap that resembles a brain and has partially attached edges. Sometimes the Russian common name smorchki is given to all genera and species of morels.

Morels most commonly grow in early spring in forests, in parks, and in the steppe. The most common mushrooms of the group are M. esculenta, M. stepicola, V. bohemica, and G. esculenta. (The last species grows in pine groves.) All four species are used as food. However, G. esculenta contains a toxic substance that can cause serious poisoning. The mushroom should be chopped into tiny pieces and boiled, since the toxic substance is soluble in hot water. G. esculenta is considered harmless when dried.


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Mix the water from the morels with the vegetable stock and bring to the boil.
tray, season morels with salt and pepper and toss with canola oil.
Nancy Weber found that true morels split off from all other fungal species 129 million years ago, during the beginning of the Cretaceous Period.
Carefully pour wine into pan, leaving behind any sediment from morels, and boil until reduced by about half, 4 to 5 minutes.
She is a past president of the New York Mycological Society and a frequent speaker, in the United States and abroad, on the topics of medicinal mushrooms, desert truffles and morels.
Cut open the morels and reserve, then strain the morel-flavoured water into the stock through a fine tea strainer.
Biologist-Inventor Introduces American Elm Trees That Grow Morels Using Patented Process
A new on-premise law in Michigan also helped spur wine sales at Morels.
The Morels exported Welsh coal and imported iron ore.
The dried morels in the sauce are available in supermarkets.
Jack Czarnecki, chef-owner of the Joel Palmer House in Dayton and the author of three mushroom cookbooks, believes caraway and sweet pepper are the preferred flavors to use when cooking morels, the spring mushroom that's in season now.