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(mōr`ōz) [Span.,=Moors], group of Muslim natives, numbering about 3.8 million, of Mindanao, the Sulu Archipelago, and Palawan in the Philippines and of Borneo, who were converted in the great missionary extension of Islam from India in the 15th and 16th cent. They are largely of Malayan stock and are neither ethnic nor linguistic units. The Moros are conspicuous as a fierce, proud people, and they long maintained enmity toward the Christian Filipinos.

After the Spanish conquered (1564) the Philippines, the Moros waged constant war, which continued even after the United States took over (1898) the islands. Within the Republic of the Philippines they have pressed for autonomy since the 1960s, but in most regions where the Moros live they are now outnumbered by Christians, who strongly oppose the idea of a Muslim-led government. The associated fighting by Moro guerrillas has persisted into the 21st cent., despite a number of peace agreements with various groups. In 1990 an autonomous, four-province region was created in the S Philippines; as expanded in 2001 it consists of Tawi-Tawi, Sulu, and Basilan provinces (the Sulu Archipelago) and two provinces and the city of Marawi on Mindanao. An agreement in 2014 with the largest Moro guerrilla group called for superseding the autonomous region by 2016 with a new one, to be called Bangsamoro, with somewhat enlarged territory and increased autonomy. Legislation establishing the region was stalled, however, into 2016. In May, 2017, a failed government raid to seize a fundamentalist Islamic militant leader in Marawi led to weeks of fighting in Marawi between the military and hundreds of militants.


See M. Mednick, Encampment of the Lake (1965); A. C. Glang, Muslim Secession or Integration? (1969).

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Maduro se recueille a la memoire des martyrs de la guerre de Liberation Le president de la Republique bolivarienne du Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, s'est recueilli, hier, au sanctuaire des martyrs (Alger), a la memoire des martyrs de la guerre de Liberation nationale.
Il est evident que les raisons fondamentales du recrutement des marocains etaient surtout d'ordre economique comme le signale l'historienne espagnole Madariaga dans la page 168 de son ouvrage [beaucoup moins que]Les moros que Franco a emmenes[beaucoup plus grand que]: [beaucoup moins que]les indigenes (de 16 a 50 ans) viennent en Espagne sans enthousiasme bien qu'ils leur eurent dit qu'ils allaient tuer des juifs et qu'ils leur restitueront la mosquee de Cordoue apres la reconnaissance de l'independance du Maroc[beaucoup plus grand que].
With the suggestive parallelisms between the historical reference moros y cristianos and Dona Perfecta it may be argued that Galdos implemented folklore as part of a regenerative discourse.
Moros in Mindanao have been fighting for decades to establish their own distinct entity where they can freely practise their own religion and customs and benefit from the resources of their land.
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