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Irish goddess of fertility, war, and death. Morríghan, or Morrigu (Irish mór-ríogan), was closely associated with horses and with the earth itself. She was one of the triad of Morríghan, Neman, and Macha, all war goddesses in Old Irish mythology. Sometimes Morríghan is used as a generic name for all three. They appeared on battlefields in the form of crows and ravens and would consume the dead.

Morríghan, whose name means "Great Queen," was the daughter of Ernmas and the wife of Daghda. She mated with Daghda at Samhain to ensure the continuing prosperity of the earth. She can appear as a young maiden or as a

crone. She helped the Tuatha Dé Danann defeat the Fomorians at the Battle of Mag Tured.

Morríghan fell in love with Cú Chulainn, the Irish hero and son of Lugh. He rejected her and was consequently harrassed by her in battles, although she eventually tried, in vain, to save his life.

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Thus Morgan le Fay, whose origins have been traced to the Irish goddesses Macha and Morrighan, becomes, in the medieval Arthurian world, a mere enchantress, at least on the surface.
The story follows the Lord of the Dance and his fight against the wicked Dark Lord while goodie Saoirse and temptress Morrighan battle for his heart.
Innocent Saoirse performed on her toes during a dream-like sequence on a pastel-lit stage, but the tone dramatically turned when Morrighan the temptress burned up the red-lit stage in her leather cat-suit.
As part of her role in Lord of the Dance Cherie plays Morrighan, the temptress, who is known as the bad girl.
Since joining the dancing troupe, Caroline has toured all over the world with the show - mostly as a back-line dancer, but occasionally playing one of the female leads, Morrighan, the temptress.
The lord helps a little spirit (Helen Egan), and Saoirse, The Irish Colleen (Bernadette Flynn) fight the fascist-like forces of evil - led by Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord (Daire Nolan) and Morrighan, the Temptress (Gillian Norris).
Towards the end, the Lord is forced to choose between the prim and fantastically-danced Saoirse (Bernadette Flynn) or temptress Morrighan, who strutted around gamely, flashing her red knickers.
The couple, who played the lead characters Temptress Morrighan and the Lord in the smash-hit show, are home in the North East after a tour of Europe and the Far East.
Kelly, who plays the part of temptress Morrighan, and Desmond are to jet off to Mauritius for a honeymoon.
The Temptress Morrighan and the Lord himself may be spotted making admiring glances at each other, and it's not just for the performance.