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One Kirk Corner Notched (Early Archaic) and three Morrow Mountain (Middle Archaic) bifaces were recovered (see Table 1)
Twenty-six Morrow Mountain (Middle Archaic), two Kirk Corner Notched (Early Archaic) and two Madison (Late Woodland/Mississippian) bifaces were recovered by Jacksonville State University crews.
Paleoindian Wheeler (Paleoindian), Morrow Mountain (Middle Archaic), Kirk Corner Notched (Early Archaic), and Dalton (Late Paleoindian) bifaces have been recovered from this site.
Alcoa-Yadkin has agreed to donate a total of 1,442 acres, including the Morrow Mountain State Park property, effective after the new license has been granted.
With proposed additions to county parks, new campsites, new game lands, new fishing piers, the expansion of Morrow Mountain State Park, and the expansion of the Uwharrie National Forest, the public is going to realize tremendous gains through the conservation component of this new license.
It will donate 1,442 acres, including 1,085 acres for the future expansion of Morrow Mountain State Park in Stanly County; 270 acres for the expansion of Uwharrie National Forest in Stanly County; 63 acres for Eagle Point Nature Preserve in Rowan County; and 14 acres around the Badin Public Recreation Area in Stanly County.