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a city (since 1776) and center of Mosal’sk Raion, Kaluga Oblast, RSFSR. It is located 42 km northeast of the Bariatinskaia railroad station (on the Smolensk-Sukhinichi line). The city has a vegetable drying plant, a dairy, and a flax mill.

Mosal’sk was first mentioned in 1231. It was part of the Chernigov principality. Later it became the principal town of the Mosal’sk appanage principality, which was subsequently seized by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1493, Mosal’sk was captured by Ivan Ill’s troops; it became part of the Russian state in 1500.

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Its divisions are situated in Peremyshl, Ferzikovo and Mosalsk districts of the region.
Minority shareholders received no notice of a complaint or the ruling of the Mosalsk District Court in the Kaluga Oblast to arrest the shares for unspecified alleged illegalities related to the registration.