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As a political outcome of that, some of the differences between the parties "resurfaced, producing visible strains in the 'strategic alliance' between Moscow and Baghdad.
It's bad in Moscow," says Magomed, a 15-year-old Chechen whose family has lived in Moscow for the past year.
On his visits to Moscow during the Great Purge, Browder tried not to notice that old comrades were disappearing; he played chess and attended the ballet.
Johnson, Peasant and Proletarian: The Working Class of Moscow in the Late Nineteenth Century (New Brunswick, N.
The El gallery, run by Lena Romashko and supported privately, shows installations by top Moscow artists.
We can recommend partners--there are people based in Moscow who have specific information related to your interests.
The cooperation with Moscow Small Business Credit Assistance Fund is very important to the Bank of Moscow.
At the Singapore event, the Moscow Government delegation will be meeting with local authorities and representatives of the local financial and economic community with an interest in business development and establishing business contacts in Moscow.
Though the company was founded in 1929 as the Moscow Art Ballet, it made its U.
Meanwhile, opposition to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under Moscow control (9,000 congregations) is growing.
Unfortunately, the CIA sent an incompetent to Moscow to make contact with Penkovsky-an inexperienced, alcoholic officer code-named COMPASS.