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Open Competition: Providing Services For Sanatorium Treatment To Certain Categories Of Citizens Who Have Residence In The Moscow Region, In Institutions Located On The Territory Of The Republic Of Crimea (Black Sea Coast) And Specializes In The Treatment Of Diseases Of The Musculoskeletal System
Law enforcement officers of Moscow region arrested the Tajik citizen, 68, wanted in Tajikistan for committing serious crime, the police in Moscow region said.
This showed, he said, that the court allowed him to travel around the Moscow region, and not simply remain within the administrative borders of the capital.
Minister Petr Katsyv has been awarded with an Order of Merit for the Moscow region and with a Badge of Honor of the Moscow Regional Duma for his contributions to the Greater Moscow area development.
com)-- Uniastrum Bank's working relationship with the Fund will play an important part in the success of a special program designed to stimulate SME growth in 2009 - 2012 by making loans more readily affordable for small and midsized businesses operating in the Moscow region.
The new holding company will encourage Scottish businesses to trade with Moscow region and provide help to firms with existing trade links with Russia.
This is the first and unique attempt to analyze the settlements and residential complexes in Moscow Region where more than one type of real estate is offered.
Open Competition: Open Tender For The Right To Enter Into An Agreement For The Supply Of Valves In 2016 For The Needs Of Joint Stock Company Financial Leasing Company Project Of The Moscow Region
Chairman of Majlisi Milli (upper house of parliament ) of Tajikistan, who is Chairman of Dushanbe as well, will met with Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov on October 22.
6 million kilos) of bananas are being distributed to children, hospital patients and the poor throughout the Moscow region.
Comstar UTS is a leading provider of integrated communications services in Moscow and the Moscow region in terms of revenues and subscribers and also offers communications services in other regions of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
An agreement on trade, economic and cultural cooperation between Tajikistan and Moscow region will be signed in the first half of December, according to the website of the Moscow region's administration.

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