Moshoeshoe I

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Moshoeshoe I


(Moshesh). Born in the 1790’s in Mokoaneng; died Mar. 11, 1870, in Maseru. Paramount chief of the Basutos.

In his youth the leader of the Bakwena tribe, Moshoeshoe sought to unify all the Basuto tribes against the British-Boer expansion. Upon becoming paramount chief, he assisted in the creation of the Basuto state. At the end of the 1820’s and beginning of the 1830’s he repelled an attack by the Matabeles.

In December 1852, Basuto troops under the command of Moshoeshoe defeated a British force at the Berea. Later, the threat of the Boer conquest of the entire Basuto territory forced Moshoeshoe in 1868 to reach an agreement with the British authorities regarding establishment of a British protectorate. He advocated an end to intertribal wars and the establishment of friendly ties between the peoples and tribes of Southern Africa.

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The prince, a son of Moshoeshoe I who founded the Kingdom of Lesotho, died there in 1863 after walking in the rain and developing pneumonia.
A comment to make about Lesotho - the name by which the Basutoland Protectorate of 1868 was originally known when founded in 1824 by wise King Moshoeshoe I, and to which it reverted being called as an independent country in 1966 - is that it does produce absorbing literature.
They also represent the three distinct generations of those "sturdy and pious" Protestants whom their earthly king - that extraordinary nation-builder, Moshoeshoe I - "bought" from the Cape with two hundred head of cattle.