see MoshoeshoeMoshoeshoe
or Moshweshwe
, c.1786–1870, Sotho king. A remarkable leader, he was a superior military tactician and was able to unite several small groups into the Sotho nation. By the mid-1820s he ruled approximately 25,000 citizens.
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Ke nna Moshweshwe moshwashwaila wa ha Kadi Lebeola le beotseng Ramonaheng ditedu.
Moshweshwe of Lesotho, although he is fair in pointing out that even Africa's military leaders like Samori Toure mixed their approaches.
To the north were many Tswana and Sotho groupings, with a major center of power at the court of Moshweshwe of the Sotho.
After visiting the court of Moshweshwe, he wrote to Buxton,
Paton 1955: 144) [A]nd it was Moshweshwe who made the remnants into a new nation, the Basuto.