Moskovskii Rabochii

Moskovskii Rabochii


the publishing house of the Moscow Committee and the Moscow city committee of the CPSU. Founded in Moscow in January 1922, it was originally a partycooperative publishing house. V. I. Lenin was one of the shareholders. Among the early publications issued by Moskovskii Rabochii were The Communist Manifesto by K. Marx and F. Engels, books by Lenin, and works by Soviet and foreign writers.

Moskovskii Rabochii addresses itself to a wide audience, publishing works on party history, mass political literature, works on production technology and agriculture, reference works on local lore, and artistic literature. Among its serial publications are the Little Library for the Secretary of the Party Organization, Conversations About Religion, The School Library, and Questions and Answers. Since 1927 it has published the Roman-gazeta (Novel-Newspaper). In 1973 it published 251 books and pamphlets (11 million copies; total volume, more than 120 million printer’s sheets). Moskovskii Rabochii also publishes the magazines Gorodskoe khoziaistvo Moskvy and Stroitel’stvo i arkhitektura Moskvy.

Moskovskii Rabochii has branches in Kalinin, Riazan’, and Smolensk. It was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1972.


Izdatel’stvo “Moskovskii rabochii”: Istoricheskaia spravka, 1922–1972. Moscow, 1972.


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