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the name of a line of passenger cars manufactured by the Lenin Komsomol Moscow Automotive Plant (until 1969, the Moscow Compact Car Plant). In addition to the basic models (see Table 1), several other groups of Moskvich automobiles were produced, including passenger cars with hand controls designed for handicapped persons (models 401B, 402B, 407B, 403B, and 408B), station wagons with universal bodies (models 423, 424, 426, and 427), vans (models 422, 430, 432, 433, and 434), passenger cars with good rough-road performance (models 410 and 410N), and pickup trucks (model 411). The excellent performance and economic characteristics of the Moskvich automobiles, as well as their reliability and durability, were decisive

Table 1. Specifications of basic models of the Moskvich
Wheelbase (mm)..........2, 3402, 3402, 3702, 3702, 3802, 4002, 400
Dimensions (mm)
length..........3, 8553, 8554, 0554, 0554, 0404, 0904, 196
height..........1, 5451, 5551, 5601, 5601, 5601, 4801, 480
width..........1, 3751, 4001, 5401, 5401, 5401, 5501, 550
Curb weight (kg)..........8458559809909809901, 045
Engine displacement (liters)..........
Maximum engine power kW (hp)..........17 (23)19.2 (26)25.9 (35)33.3 (45)33.3 (45)37 (50)55.5(75)
Engine speed at maximum power (rpm)..........3, 4004, 0004, 2004, 5004, 5004, 7505, 800
Maximum speed (km/hr)..........9090105115115120140
Assemblies developed for the specific mode..........Modernized engine and transmissionBody, engine, suspensionEngine, transmission, final driveSuspension, steering, brakesBody, engineEngine
Year production began..........1946195419561958196219641967
Year production ended..........19541956195819631965

factors in the success of sportsmen who drove them in competitions, including competitions of the rally type lasting several days.

The millionth Moskvich automobile (model 408) was made in May 1967. By Jan. 1, 1973, approximately 1.6 million had been produced. Since 1967 they have also been manufactured in Izhevsk.


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